Transactional Data Mining (TDM)

Unleashing the Power of Data Mining

Do you want to increase and quantify your credit union’s return on marketing investments? The benefits of leveraging transactional data to better serve members are clear—the power of data to place the right message, to the right member, at the right time has never been more powerful for response rates, results, and ultimately ROI.

By narrowing the target list in each marketing campaign, you reach the members most likely to be interested and engaged in your promotional activities, effectively saving your credit union time and marketing dollars, and increasing return on marketing investment! Synergent is your single source for data mining, segmenting, distributing campaign materials, and analyzing campaign success.

“Transactional data mining is a significant tool for identifying members with potential needs. Synergent Marketing Services uses transactional data sources to identify and engage recipients with promotional offerings that benefit both the members with a new product or service, and credit unions with new earnings and member satisfaction.”

– Doug MacDonald

Vice President of Marketing Services Synergent

How it Works

Determine Your Offer. Is this an auto loan for new purchases at the dealership? Or an auto loan recapture campaign? What about HELOCs, cards, or debt consolidation? What incentives are you offering? Whatever your offer is, this is a key factor in strategizing your targets.

Segment the Target List. Synergent’s Data Mining Team can extract and develop your list using a variety of transactional data sources, including core data, ACH, checks, bill pay, and card transactions. The list can be limited to current members in the case of recapture campaigns, or expanded to a geographical area to entice new members.

Create Your Assets. Whether your in-house marketing team has a design already prepared or you wish to work with Synergent’s award-winning creative team, our goal is to help create a cohesive campaign that reflects your credit union and the offer you wish to convey.

Spread the Word. Emails, print mail, or both? Postcards, letters, or something different? Adding on personalized URLs (PURLs), and custom 800 numbers? There are so many options on how you can share your message with your members!

Analyze the Results. Your collaboration with Synergent does not end with the mailing of the campaign! At the conclusion of the campaign, we measure your results with tracking tools and reports that clearly show campaign performance.

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