From targeted marketing to transactional data mining, Synergent Marketing Services has the tools and expertise to help your credit union with virtually any marketing communication or campaign. We’ve partnered with credit unions across the country and continue to deliver quantifiable results. Using the power of your own data, we can help design your campaigns for optimal effectiveness and return on investment.

Transactional Data Mining

The benefits of leveraging transactional data to better serve members are clear—the power of data to place the right message, to the right member, at the right time has never been more powerful for response rates, results, and ultimately ROI. Unlocking the member data on your core can recapture lending and create opportunities to connect and resonate with members.

By narrowing the target list in each marketing campaign, you reach members most likely to be interested and engaged in your promotional activities, effectively saving your credit union time and marketing dollars, and increasing return on marketing investment! Synergent is your single source for data mining, segmenting, distributing campaign materials, and analyzing campaign success.

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a top channel to engage membership. Synergent's Email Marketing Platform integrates with your core to enable transactional email automations sculpted by your goals and objectives. Mobile responsive design is essential and all of Synergent’s custom graphic designs have a clean, modern appearance, whether the email is viewed on a traditional computer screen, or more prevalently, on a mobile device.

After an email campaign is sent to members, the benefits of Automated Email Marketing continue. With real-time reporting, integrated analytics, and calculation of return on investment, marketing campaign metrics can be easily accessed and reviewed. Whether messaging is a cross-promotional notification or a seasonal lending incentive, an email marketing campaign provides valuable product and service information to your membership while increasing credit union profits.

New Member Onboarding

Your best chance of cross-selling an additional product or service to a new member is highest within their first 90-120 days of membership. Onboarding, a targeted campaign during which new members receive tailored, omni-channel communication, is proven to increase member retention and aids in a feeling of member connectedness.

With growth and member satisfaction top priorities for credit unions, onboarding is the most valuable way to reach new members and ensure they are informed of your credit union’s offerings. Core transaction and product adoption data mining unlocks a truly new experience for members.