Target Marketing, Real Results

Knowing how to consistently ensure you are reaching the right members through your marketing is hard. Predicting the right time and right way to reach out and resonate with members is harder. Synergent can help.

Synergent knows how to help credit unions best serve and assist their members. We’ve worked on thousands of campaigns—and have thousands of success stories illustrating the techniques and best practices used. Ensuring members are educated about products and services that meet their needs is achieved through targeted messaging sent to the right members at the right time. Data is the key to the success Synergent has brought to the credit unions it serves, reflected in response rates, return on marketing investments, and, ultimately, in award-winning results.

13,594 Loans · $307,918,174 Lent

Synergent Marketing Services helped credit union members open over 13,000 new loan products equating to over $307 million in new lending.

286% Increase · 2.5x Annualized Lift

The campaigns achieved an average 286% increase in lending during each campaign period—that’s over 2.5 times when comparing year over year.

$13,902,155 First-year Earnings · $49M Life of Loan

The campaigns gave the credit unions almost $14 million in first-year interest alone and $48,883,036 in income in total.

$91 for Each Dollar Invested

Each campaign saw $91 average return for every marketing dollar spent and a breakeven in 8 weeks. Typically, campaigns paid for themselves within 2 months.

“From a marketing perspective, Synergent’s ability to tap into our data and provide business intelligence is very helpful when doing our targeted marketing campaigns. We are very pleased with the data analysis they provide in guiding our marketing strategies. It’s important to partner with a company that understands credit union challenges. I feel that Synergent knows us and they are an extension of our credit union.”

­- Yean-Ai Long Senior Vice President, Marketing Merrimack Valley CU

Personalized, targeted marketing allows your credit union to better understand its members. Though our research, we provide your credit union insight to send relevant messages that will resonate. In addition to producing creative, attention-getting direct marketing, our Marketing Services Representatives and Data Mining Specialists work with your credit union to strategize comprehensive campaigns. We ensure that the right message is sent to the right members at the right time, when they are most likely to respond, enhancing member relationships and driving quantifiable results!

What to Consider When Target Marketing:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your business goal?
  • What is your strategy?
  • What tactics will you use?

We Can Help By:

  • Analyzing member data to develop highly creative, personalized messaging.
  • Recommending an audience carefully and targeting a product or service to a specific profile of criteria—the right message, to the right person, at the right time!
  • Developing attention-getting marketing collateral created by award-winning graphic designers.
  • Reinforcing offers with personalized messaging and imagery.
  • Tracking responses to evaluate results, drive campaign decisions, and measure future success.

Getting started on a new data-driven marketing campaign?

We have a turnkey process to guide you on your way to new success!

  • Discovery Meeting: Define business goals for proposal and development
  • Strategic Marketing Brief: Tailored to specific business goals of the credit union
  • Preliminary Data Extract: Detailed analytics for targeting member data
  • Segmentation Selection: Member audience is defined and extract finalized
  • Creative Process: Strategic approach to resonate with target audience
  • Tracking and Reporting: ROI analysis and post-project recommendations

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