New Member Onboarding

Better Product Penetration, Better Member Loyalty, and More Loans

Your best chance of cross-selling an additional product or service to a new member is highest within their first 90-120 days of membership. Onboarding, a targeted campaign during which new members receive tailored, omni-channel communication, is proven to increase member retention and aids in a feeling of member connectedness.

With growth and member satisfaction top priorities for credit unions, onboarding is the most valuable way to reach new members and ensure they are informed of your credit union’s offerings while fostering the credit union experience post-conversion.

What is the value of onboarding?

  • Improved member retention can decrease churn and create valuable relationships.
  • Increased cross-selling success creates greater product penetration.
  • Members feel more educated and closely connected to the credit union. Satisfying additional financial needs for new members early in their membership makes them dramatically less likely to leave, improving the overall retention rate.

Why is the timing so important?

  • Financial industry research indicates your best chance of cross-selling additional products or services to new members is highest within the first 90 days.
  • Credit unions see a greater return compared to campaigns directed to non-members—it is eight to 10 times easier and more cost-effective to cross-sell to an existing member than to attract a new one, according to
  • Without a formalized program to “reach out” and connect to new members quickly, about a quarter of new members are at risk of leaving within their first 12–15 months.

How does onboarding create future loans?

  • By building member loyalty to ensure your credit union will be “top of mind” when members encounter a need for a loan with a solidified relationship.
  • By providing an opportunity to educate members on credit union loans, and to offer loans targeted to a member’s personal situation (such as a home equity loan to a homeowner or a home loan to a member who is looking to buy property).

“Marketing Services works with you to define measurable success benchmarks, providing quantitative results tailored to new membership goals. Results are both trackable and measurable with comprehensive reporting to help you realize and quantify return on investment. The value of retaining a member over a lifetime cannot be overstated. Onboarding supports new member growth while reducing member churn, increasing product and service adoption, driving additional deposits and creating new lending opportunities per each new member.”

– Doug MacDonald Vice President of Marketing Services Synergent

Reaching Members and Getting Results

  • Synergent Marketing Services provides a personalized, targeted approach to marketing that allows credit unions to resonate with members through research and refined messaging.
  • We begin by helping you identify an audience and target products or services to meet specific criteria, being careful to craft competitive strategies.
  • Our designers develop creative, attention-getting direct marketing pieces that reinforce your message with text and imagery unique to each individual member.
  • The direct marketing pieces can then be followed by email messaging and reinforced through a variety of mediums, such as personalized URLs, custom microsites, web banner ads, social media, and lobby graphics.
  • Through predictively targeting members who are most likely to adopt services, credit unions see real results, including increases in loan volume, retention, and product adoption.
  • Through these trackable strategies, Synergent has helped credit unions increase response rates and results and drive ROI, delivering the long-term tracking needed to prove value.

Below is a handful of our previous, data-driven and award-winning onboarding and reboarding campaigns!

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