Member Email Automation

Easy-to-use email marketing tool for data-driven campaigns

Email is an essential channel in communicating with members, and you’re aware that successful email campaigns are narrowly targeted to reach the right members, with the right offer, at the right time. But are you spending too much time just trying to get to your data, let alone segmenting it for use in your data-driven marketing efforts? Do you have to ask IT for a data pull every time you want to send a targeted email to members?

Synergent’s Member Email Automation is an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) that works behind the scenes to give credit unions the ability to access and leverage member data for automated and targeted email marketing. This automation tool allows credit unions to send the right message to the right members, while maximizing their return on investment.

Digital Member Experience

Today’s members are not solely seeking products and services—they expect a digital experience. By utilizing Member Email Automation, your team is able to unleash the power of data-driven marketing to extract email lists easily from the core and drive results. Blending data and creative elements to deliver personalized email experiences becomes seamless and intuitive. Marketers can now create automated, personalized workflows to ensure members receive emails that are relevant, timely, and customized to their needs!

Synergent’s Member Email Automation interface is intuitive and makes it easy to generate timely email marketing campaigns

Member Email Automation allows credit unions to easily access member data for personalized email marketing.

  • Extract core member data for list generation & segmentation
  • Automate email marketing campaigns based on transactions
  • Create personalized email workflows & member journeys
  • Eliminate manual extracts & reduce errors

Benefits of Synergent's Member Email Automation

  • End-to-end, turnkey solutions that directly connect email marketing workflows with core data
  • Integration with the core, facilitating and supporting an automated marketing process
  • Ability to maximize the full potential of member data to create email experiences
  • Reduce or eliminate errors in list segmentation through “lights-out” automations
  • Quickly send accurate, automated, transaction-based, personalized member emails

Spotlight Example

Emails from Cornerstone Financial CU’s automated onboarding campaign

New Member Onboarding